Absolute pressure decay leak tester PROVASET T2


absolute pressure decay
Other characteristics
USB, tabletop, compact, color display


Main features Leak test with full scale up to 6 bar Resolution up to 1 Pa (0.01 mbar) 3.5” colour LCD display with touchscreen Up to 100 test programs tables Digital I/O interface for PLCs, RS232/ RS485 serial lines and USB for PC Test recording via Ethernet and USB Description PROVASET T2 is a compact, versatile and extremely reliable instrument that applies the latest electronic and pneumatic technologies to offer the best performances. The new Provaset T2 updates the previous Provaset 2P model, with which mantains the program and connection compatibilities. Provaset T2 is designed for manual use on bench in limited areas but it could be integrated on automatic systems managed by PLC. Provaset T2 is able to communicate through digital I/O, Ethernet, USB host/slave and RS232/RS485 serial line interfaces. The test data collection is possible on USB memory and via Ethernet. Provaset T2 is available with 2 bar or 6 bar full scale model, with 1 Pa resolution on leak reading. A Staubli connector is available to connect a Leak Master. the test pressure can be regulated with a manual precision pressure regulator; the pressure of regulation is shown on the display.