Differential pressure flow transmitter DP


differential pressure
gas, for liquids


Micro-Bar electronic transmitter incorporates a capacitance based differential pressure cell for sensitive measurement on Air or other dry gases. Designed for gas flow measurement applications on extraction or ventilation systems, the micro based electronics uses calibration formulae required for Flo- Bar Averaging Pitot tubes, Orifice Plates or other standard DP based sensors. Simply installed adjacent to the flow line, standard pressure impulse tubing links the sensor directly to the Micro-Bar unit. Flow rate, flow units and alarm status are displayed on the two line LCD: external signal transmission is via the 4-20mA loop power,with separate alarm relay and totaliser pulse. With simple adjustment over a 5:1 full scale pressure range available to the operator on site, the Micro-Bar suits varying process conditions or output scaling requirements. The micro based electronics simplifies site setup procedures, allowing adjustment of alarm output set points, totalisation pulse rate, averaging time and zero checking. Micro-Bar is applicable to measuring pressure differentials on operating theatres, clean rooms or glove boxes, to monitor system performance and provide alarms. On process monitoring, Micro-Bar is used for air filter blockage monitoring and burner control on furnaces. For these duties, the display shows the pressure drop directly. FEATURES DP measurement for gases High sensitivity and linearisation for Pitot tube flow measurement Digital flowrate display in Engineering units ┬▒0.5% accuracy Flow totaliser pulse output High and low flow alarms Site programmable outputs