Differential pressure flow transmitter FD38_LCD


differential pressure
for liquids, gas
Other characteristics
digital output


The device serves to measure the flow of non-aggressive liquid and gaseous media. The manufacturer must be consulted before using the device for aggressive media because media-compatible mate-rials are required for the measuring path. Fields of application include • – Measuring steam • – Oil measurement • – Water measurement Design and mode of operation The measuring section comprises a measuring orifice with differential pressure removal boreholes and a differential pressure sensor with a sturdy and non-sensitive unit. In case of differential pressure, a force is exerted on the measuring diaphragm which causes a deflection in the direction of the lower pressure. This deflection is transferred to an inductive displacement transduc-er via a tappet, and is then converted to a square rooted analogue output signal by the microproces-sor-controlled electronics. Optionally, there are also two additional switch out-puts available. Important featu res • – Wear-free measuring System • – Maintenance-free Typical applications • – Display device • – Volume measuring unit • – Flow security