Gas flow transmitter UNI-TRANS


gas, for liquids
Other characteristics
with LCD screen, stationary


Stationary Universal Flow Monitor for Different Sensors and/or Sensor Combinations The UNI-TRANSTM is a universal monitor interfacing with multiple sensors and/or sensor combinations using up to 4 RS485 digital serial interfaces for RAVEN-EYE® and FLO-SONIC Transit-Time sensors. One of the serial interfaces can also be configured for Modbus RTU protocol. The UNI-TRANSTM allows real-time connection to our Internet platform to view and retrieve all measurement data. If the GPRS function is not used, the data and alarms are transmitted via the 4 analog and 4 relay outputs. The UNI-TRANSTM does not need any software for configuration. Very implicit menus and a 10 button keypad allow an easy configuration. 1 / 5 Key Features: Up to 4 RS485 serial interfaces for sensors: RAVEN-EYE® and/or FLO-SONIC No software needed to configure High resolution color-graphic display: 320 x 240 pixels Very easy integration into existing control systems via universal interfaces: 8 analog inputs, 8 digital inputs, 4 analog outputs and 4 relay outputs Logging interval from 1 minute to 24 hours freely adjustable Integrated remote communication via GPRS SMS or e-mail alarms available