Liquid flow transmitter DW-D


for liquids, gas
Other characteristics
digital output, analog output, high-precision


The DW-D is a flowtransmitter with digital display of the current flow, analog outlet, totalisator, voltage outlet, two adjustable switch­ing relays and display of the switching point for monitoring threshold values. Patented sensor principle The combination of the way deflection measuring principle with the patented pendulum system that changes its position depending on the flow – without friction – and evaluation electronics with programma­ble EEPROM memory chip makes the DW­-D a versatile and reliable flowtransmitter. Thanks to its modern technology and convincing per­formance features, the new device system is ideally suitable for appli­cations in which up to now considerably more expensive measuring procedures have been used. The device is also suitable for contami­nated media. extremely reliable way deflection measuring procedure for liquids and gases insensitive to pollution (except magnetic particles) no bearings, no friction very large measurement range linear output signal high precision in a broad temperature range very good price/performance ratio optional: RS232C interface Totalisator