Mechanical flow switch 304 series


for air


– Throttle and non-return valves with various tube connection options – Brass, aluminium and plastic throttle valves – For various applications Operating temerature -10°C to +70°C 0°C to +70°C Non-return valve, Quick exhaust valve Valves in general Operating pressure max. 10bar 0,2 bis 10bar 0,3 bis 10bar Flow regulators – with banjo body – made of plastic – block shaped Bidirectional flow regulators, pressure control valve, pneumatic switch, slide valve ipso 032, 033 Quick exhaust valve VSR Materials Body, brass, nickel-plated (Ms58) Body, plastics Body, aluminium O-Ring, NBR Sealing, plastics Membrane, plastics Flow regulators with banjo bodies, straight unidirectional connection, non-return valves, slide valve, quick exhaust valve Flow regulators 041, 042, 043 Unidirectional flow regulator (block shaped) Valves in general Valves in general Quick exhaust valve Threads cyl. threads DIN EN ISO 228 con. threads DIN EN ISO 10226 (DIN 2999) metr. threads ISO 261 Medium Lubricated and non-lubricated compressed air