Membrane pressure transducer HMP-ITP series


Output signal
Other characteristics
Process temperature
Min.: 90 °C (194 °F)

Max.: 400 °C (752 °F)


Fluid-filled pressure tranducer with compact dsign, for application in high temperature/high viscosity processes. Typically indicated in extrusion melt plastics, mainly wherever ounting position is critical due to moveable mechanical part and/or to maintenance needs. Built-in calibration resistor, and full compatibility with all of the exhisting standard reading, contolling an regulating electronics for straingage sensor. An armored capillary tube allows this model to keep straingage electronic transducing away from the extreme temperature and/or vibrations of the extruding die. It incorporates all standard features of HMP-ITP 0. It is the most widely used from. special desing for injection moding applications, available (i.e. HMP – ITP2/U) A special “oxide of mineral” thermocouple is incorporated into the stem of this model allowing the simultaneous detection of pressure and temperature in a single standard hole. The reading of the temperature of the melt is much more direct and faster than the use of conventional probes mounted on the sleeve or spindle. The thermocouple can be removed without breaking the pressure measurement. They can be single or double “J / K” elements