Piston flow switch 171 Series


for liquids
Other characteristics
for lubrication systems


SKF offers are range of visual and electrical devices for accurate volume and flow monitoring. For monitoring a continuous flow of oil, flow monitors are available. However it is possible to calibrate the monitors only for particular ranges and flow is measured by them in a broad tolerance range. For tracking small, non-continuous mediums, flow rate sensors should be used. For monitoring the count of cycles per unit of time in progressive feeders, piston detectors are provided. The number of cycles serves as the flow rate measurement with a comparatively wide tolerance range. For SKF Safegrease 2 system, doser monitor senses the doser piston’s movement. For monitoring of oil+air mixtures, oil-air sensors or oil-streak sensors are available. The devices take readings in an opto-electronic manner. For measuring higher volumes, gear or oval wheel counters are available. The flow per unit of time is calculated as the particular volume per revolution multiplied by revolutions per time unit.