Pressure leak tester DG1010


pressure, pneumatic, mechanical
for valves, for automotive applications, for aeronautical applications
Other characteristics


DG10010 Leak test platform Overview With 30 years of experience, DAM Group has fully developed a leak test platform, the DG10010, composed of a standard chassis and interchangeable tools. Suitable for manual leak tests, this concentrate of technologies will revolutionize the way you consider testing your products, at an ultracompetitive price. Key Features Integrate database for UUT test result/ Database storage and supervision Create, save and deploy your test sequence Manage and track your production Interchangeable tooling Connectable, 4.0 Industry Plug and play For testing small product sizes (200x200x200) Benefits Competitive price: several years of research / machine manufactured from A & Z by DAM Fast delivery times/Optimized time to market Cost control/Optimized costs Evolutive by update firmware and web UI Autonomy (intuitive interface and UX design) in the evolution Limits spares parts, no stock Industry 4.0 machine, easy tool changeover