Vacuum leak tester CDV Pharma


Other characteristics
USB, compact, automatic, tabletop, color display, with programmable logic controller (PLC), single-station


Leak Detector CDV Pharma: Vacuum leak test using methylene blue dye CDV Pharma has a quick programming system through a touchscreen that allows saving settings for norms and cycles. The user places the products inside the chamber and selects the desired norm. All the test cycle is automatic. CDV Pharma vacuum chambers include an SD card slot through which data can be extracted on to EXCEL and update PLC applications. A thermal printer for tickets and a barcode scanner can be optionally included. Vacuum is generated by a Venturi system integrated in the chamber that requires a compressed air supply. If this energy is not available, our alternate version includes an electric vacuum pump. The vacuum creates a difference in pressure between the inside and outside of the sample. If the product has a leak, the blue methylene solution will be able to permeate the sample. CDV Pharma was designed to optimize the use of blue methylene solution in leak testing. NORMS • CFR 21 part 11 • MGA 0486 FEUM • USP 1207 CCIT • ISO 8871-5 ASTM D3078, ASTM D6653, ASTM D4991, ASTM D5094, ASTM D4169, ASTM F2096