Vacuum leak tester CTE-Bi


vacuum, pneumatic
for bottles, blister, for vessels
Other characteristics
compact, tabletop


The CTE-Bi is a fully pneumatic leak detector used to test, by vacuum, and thanks in particular to the migration of a tracer product, called methylene blue, the tightness of blister or pouch type packaging, characteristics of the environment. pharmaceutical. It is made up of a fully pneumatic and enclosed system which, supplied with compressed air, creates a pressure difference between the inside and the outside of your sample. ACRN has standard cover boxes but also makes custom products according to customer needs. Your product is immersed during this test in a methylene blue type dye using a perforated grid attached to the cover. A leak is detected if methylene blue has infiltrated the interior of the sample when resetting to atmospheric pressure. Characteristics : Connection to compressed air relaxed to 6 bars by means of a rilsan connection diameter 8 mm. Time adjustable up to 999 seconds with optional digit of 99,999 seconds. Maximum vacuum of – 850 mbar readable on a needle control manovacuometer Vacuum adjustment dial Solid perforated grid or waterproof tray + removable presser + drip tray Option: mobile compressor possible Option: operator safety with anti-fall cover thanks to pneumatic cylinders Option: specific layout according to customer needs STANDARDS: ASTM D3078, ISO 8871-1