Vacuum leak tester CTE


vacuum, pneumatic
for bottles, for packaging, for vessels
Other characteristics
compact, economical


The CTE is a vacuum chamber which makes it possible to test, by vacuum, the tightness of packaging containing liquid or semi-viscous products such as flasks or even bottles directly at the edge of the production line with total visibility, thanks to its plexiglass design. It is made up of a fully pneumatic and enclosed system which, supplied with compressed air, creates a difference of pressure between the inside and the outside of your sample. ACRN has standard boxes with door or cover opening, but also produces made-to-measure products according to customer needs. For the dry test, simply lay your sample down so that the cap is submerged from the inside. We will observe a flow of fluid on a blotting paper during this test in the event of a leak. The handling is very simple and the result quick and visible to the naked eye !!! Characteristics : Connection to compressed air relaxed to 6 bars by means of a rilsan connection diameter 8 mm. Time adjustable up to 999 seconds with optional digit of 99,999 seconds. Maximum vacuum of – 850 mbar readable on a needle control manovacuometer Vacuum adjustment dial Option: with mini-compressor possible. Option: Operator safety with anti-fall cover thanks to pneumatic cylinders Standards: ASTM D4991, ASTM D5094, ASTM D4169, EN 14401, DIN55528 (Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)