Vacuum leak tester LEAK-MASTER® PRO 2


for bottles, for packaging, for vessels
Other characteristics


Micro-leak detection system for packages based on CO2. LEAK-MASTER® PRO 2 features non-destructive detection of the smallest leaks without the need for costly Helium. Evacuated chamber with the help of a compressed air operated Venturi nozzle (optionally also with electric vacuum pump). Status indication by LED lighting of chamber. Benefits • – visual indication of status via LED lighting • – short testing period by minimal response time • – quick product change • – for flexible and rigid packs • – especially durable and low in maintenance • – no calibration required • – standardised test processes – user independent • – operator friendly – data and process parameter entry by means of integrated keyboard or remote personal computer (e.g. MS-Excel®) • – easy-to-use intuitive system – no special skills required • – convenient data administration and evaluation for customer oriented quality documentation • – various chamber sizes (see back side) • – easy installation and start-up • – easy to clean splash-proof stainless steel and acrylic glass cabinet / housing • – remote transmission of results via Ethernet Options • – Barcode Reader with IP-protection for simple and quick user/product selection • – with electrical vacuum pump