Vacuum leak tester


for pipes


A simple test instrument used by manufacturers and used to identify leaky tubes in condensers, heat exchangers and other tubular apparatus.The Vacuum Tube Leak Tester PVLD-3000 is a simple and precise tool used for testing tubes of boilers, condensers and heat exchangers. It is the fastest and most accurate method of locating leaky tubes for plugging or replacement or installation of new tubes.It works on the principle of vacuum in which the tool sucks the air from the tube and creates a vacuum to a desired reading on gauge.Steady reading on gauge indicates NO LEAK.If the reading on the gauge drops it indicates a tube with a LEAK. Features of Vaccume Tube Leak Tester Only one tool necessary for testing multiple tube sizes. Built-in easy to read vacuum gauge. Multifiled exhaust for quiet operation. Lightweight and easy to use.